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a warrior's stack

The most ancient and strongest formula's in the realm of warriors. Long kept away from anyone by the Gods themselves. Discover our Pre-Workout with Creatine, available as 'Rage Of Leonidas', soon in store. Only real results, for true Titans.

wage war with the right armor

the collections expand

Warriors need the right armor. That is why we innovate and frequently release new items. Our men's and women's collection feature a wide range of different items. All of the items are placed into our design spectrum, ranging from raw to aesthetic

sacred grounds


The heat is here. Get your ancient artifact, preserved and restored in full glory. Choose to prepare your battles with tough and lasting gear. A tribute to ancient heroes and gods. Represent your heritage and Ancient Sparta.

our legacy

mediterranean champions

We are masters of the Mediterranean. Each Design represents elements that are a central focus in Ancient Greece's History and Mythology. Take your summer workouts to the next level with Mediterranean heritage items.

withstand the mediterranean heat

Heated summer at olympia

Discover our latest Tank Tops and lightweight T-Shirts. Made from durable cotton and polyester. Craft your summer body with legendary items. Embrace the warrior spirit this summer and survive the wrath of the Gods on Mount Olympus.

waGING WAR with new gear


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The ancient artifacts are scattered along the classic world. From the story of Leonidas I and his infamous 300 who bravely fought at Thermopylae, to Alexander the Great who stepped foot in unknown terroritory and conquered empires. Each of our items tells a story of a brave Hero, God or Titan. Re-live your own heroes' Odyssey.



Ancient Greece is full of preserved armor. Explore our War Artifacts and Legendary Gear. Tested during battle and withstood the elements. Blessed by Ancient Gods and used by Heroes and Titans. Dive into the ancient world of warriors and join the army!

designed with precision


Our designs are unique and unmatched. The Ancient Greek color pallet is extensive, with many earthly tones and royal combinations. We combine an ancient legacy with a modern edge. Each design and color combination tells a unique tale about the ancient world. Discover the design spectrum, ranging from aesthetic to raw.