history unfolds...

Welcome to ancient greece

Long before we were born, our ancestors were training their minds and bodies beyond set limits. The will to become the strongest version of ourselves is an Ancient concept that we intend to bring back and extend.

Our handcrafted items are inspired by the themes of the Ancient World, whether it is a tribute to King Leonidas I, a reference to heroes such as Achilles or the spirit and celebration of military ancestry.

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What makes a warrior?

The spartan mindset

A Modern Spartan is an individual who embraces harship, forms his code of morals & ethics and has appreciation of aesthetics. The will to become better than yesterday is the strongest possession of the Spartan.

Do you have what it takes to become one?

combining aesthetics with a raw edge

the design spectrum

Ancient Greece is known for its aesthetical architecture but also for its military and mental resiliance. Our design spectrum ranges from raw to aesthetic. Each indiviual handcrafted item has been placed on an unique place within our design spectrum.

Discover the world of Ancient Heroes, Titans & Gods

military heritage

The life of a warrior

Spartans are the ultimate Warrior, combining an indestructible mindset with military equipment. Discover our collections with a military edge, ranging from fully customizable items to graphics that honor those who serve and embrace the warrior spirit.

Global reach

a brand for everybody

Everybody sharing the Spartan values will be provided with an excellent and fast customer experience. We have served 20.000+ happy customers with unique designs and quick worldwide shipping.

Our customers are located all over the world, which means everybody has it in him or her to become the ultimate Warrior.

Crafted for warriors

an expanding empire...

Join us on the journey to expand the army of Warriors. Our mission is to provide Warrior Spirit in our items and to provide a strong blend of high quality, unique designs and subliminal service, over the entire globe.


- High quality fabric and color dyes

- Unique and elaborate designs

- Tailored customer service

- Fast worldwide shipping