NEWS Update: Increase In Prices | Products & Shipping 📦

What's going on?

Spartans, it has been all over the news for the past weeks, even months. Because of the rising costs on almost all products and services, we unfortunately have to increase our prices as well...
After keeping our prices at the same level for months, we are now deciding (with pain in our hearts) that the product- and shipping prices are going to increase, as of today.

What has changed?

Our free shipping threshold for the USA, Canada (€125 -> €150)  and the Rest of the World (€175 -> €200) goes up as well. Shipping prices to most destinations have increased.
If we kept the prices the same, it would mean we would have to compromise on service, design and quality. This is simply not what we stand for. We strive to be the best in those areas. Which means we ask you, Spartans, to bear with us for the coming times.

Better service!

In order to compensate for the rising costs we have worked hard on having a quicker and better delivery experience for all of our customers. We can now provide quick worldwide shipping with deliveries as fast as 3 working days for the USA, and even 7 hours for Belgium!
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us and we count on your support in the future. Meanwhile we keep working to provide you with awesome designs!